Friday, October 7, 2011


 I've FINALLY got around to adding some of the pictures from our photo shoot! 
It was so much fun!
You'll be able to see some of the dresses I've made!

And that is the White Regency dress i made ALL by hand! And i have a bodiced petticoat under it also sewed by hand, I'll try to get some pictures of it up.
And here is the rest of the picture's without further delay.

The Photographer

The Helper and 2nd Photographer. 

She carried everything and made the "set" look SO pretty!

My Ashford Traveller Wheel
My wheel was only a day old!

This made me think of a book...

We had to do the picking a flower pose!
And this made me think of a movie.

Another picture of me and my wheel.
And of course the "Crazy" Picture!
I wasn't prepared for the Crazy picture.. I was making sure my wheel wouldn't fall over!
Mid-Evil Dress

I absolutely ADORE this skirt!!
I REALLY love this pattern and will be making another dress out of it in the future! 
But i was told this wasn't exactly my color :) And there where a few other things i want to tweak on it.
But i had a LOT of fun doing the hand Embroidery on it. 

This is my attempt to make my sundress with a little 1930's flare :)
Hope you enjoy these pictures! I'll try to get some pictures of Mom's finished sweater and the socks I'm almost done knitting up soon! 
Have a Wonderful blessed October!