Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Socks and Swaps

Hope your all having a lovely end of summer.
We've been getting rain from Hurricane Isaac up here in Tennessee, So it's been PERFECT weather for knitting!
It's been a little cooler successfully putting me in a Sock knitting mood.
I stumbled upon a group on "Sock Knitters Anonymous" and there having a monthly Challenge for sock knitters who want to join! so of course i had too! and i'm having SO much fun!
I've already started stock piling sock yarn for the projects, I've ordered some on Etsy and i'm impatiently awaiting there arrival! 
I started one pair of "Mystery Sock" where you get a clue every Saturday for 3 weeks so you don't know what your sock looks like till the end! 
And there's beads in them! Which I've never done before and I LOVED it! 

SKA Mystery Sock September 2012
Excuse the grainy picture it was taken at night with my iPhone.
But Isn't it exciting not knowing what the finished sock will look like?! 

And then after starting these I was well and truly in a sock mood so i cast on another pair. The pattern is Pillars it's only available as a free download on ravelry. 
Some Friends came over (who just moved down from Connecticut!! SO exciting! well have lots of crafty days together now!) 

Enjoying my Peanut butter fudge and Brownies
And we had a little Knitty/Hooky party while we caught up. and i got quit a bit done on my socks!

Pillars Socks Design by Lisa Stichweh
Aren't they neat?! the colors are so crazy!  they'll brighten up the winter quite nicely!
I got this lovely yarn in a swap i did on Ravelry it was so fun! I have another swap i'm doing on Ravelry it's a "Pirate" themed Swap i sent out my box now come the wonderful wait to see when the mail lady will bring my box! 

Pirate Swap I Sent!
Here's what I sent I made the little pirate bag and put a pocket in it and red and white stripe material for a lining. It even has a inside pocket!
 I got a lovely box in the mail today! I ordered some yarn via For the Rainbow Crochet Square Swap.

Knit Picks Brava Sport Yarn
It's very bright and cheery! I can't wait to get started with it! but i want to finish this sock first, maybe i'll be able to hold myself back that long!! 
And! I got some yarn in the mail i ordered from Estonia! 

Pink Lila From This shop on
Isn't it lovely! and it's 100% wool! I think i want to make a shawl perhaps out of it.. but we'll see when i get to it! 
Well all for now! I'm happy to be so busy with my new projects! I'll try to keep them updated on here.. Hee! How many times have i said that since i started this blog?! 
Hope you all had a Happy Memorial Day!