Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Christmas!

Christmas Eve, With the anticipation in the air and the lovely scent of cooking food wafting through the house, it's a perfect day and I look forward to it every year. 
Ending it almost always by watching Christmas movies with my brother, perfect end to a perfect day.

Of course there's always the last minute gift wrapping which is my favorite thing to do! 
And I'm always sad if I wrap it all before Christmas Eve. 

This year it's been a little hard since for the past 4 weeks I've been struggling with walking Pnemonia and the past 4 days with strep throat. (Not the "White Christmas" I was wishing for!) but I'll survive and I'm happy we can all be together! 

Hope everyone's having a lovely Christmas Eve and praying you have the best Christmas EVER!! 

                                     Happy Christmas and may God Bless you!
                                                            Cami Lynn

Thursday, February 27, 2014

~ The Winter Afghans ~

Here it is as promised! 
What I've been enjoying working on this winter! 
First we have the Afghans I started 2 weeks before Christmas. 
Can you tell I thrive on deadlines? 

Chocolate & Cherries.

This one was made for Mother, I think I shall call it "Chocolate & Cherries".
It was such a fun afghan to make, and I adore the edging! 

I love the way it add's just a bit of lacy elegance.

Then we have the more manly blanket.

Sea Pennies.
This one was fun to make as well. I call it "Sea Pennies"

And between these to I made a VERY small dent in the 100 pounds of red heart given to me for my birthday.. yes a 100 POUNDS. I know it to be true because the dear sweet lady who gave me all that yarn, was going to mail it to me, so she brought it to the post office to see how much it would be and they had to weight it.
Needless to say it was not mailed, but waited till a relative was coming up to see me to be sent that way!
And if your wondering what 100 pounds of yarn look like...

When I first got it i just couldn't resist stacking it all up and taking a picture! 
this was 10 garbage bags full I believe.. 
61 skeins in the first stack, and 135 in the back...

I twas drowning in red heart!

BUT.. I was happy! 
I still haven't even made a dent in it, even making the two Christmas Afghans..
So I've started another afghan for the sweet lady who gave me all this yarn.

We shall see if i can make a bigger dent in it!

And now on to other's. I've resumed work on my "Bazaar Afghan" (aka Mixed Stitch Stripy Blanket. if your looking for the pattern.)

Forgive the bad lighting and bit of blurriness, it was a dreary day,
I promise to get a good picture when i'm finished and the sun is out! I've been clicking along quite quickly with it since i picked it back up.

When I'm not distracted by
The Grey Haven Hexagon Blanket.

I'm having such fun working on this afghan,
 that I try not to work on it all the time so the joy of "in progress" won't end to soon!

I was so much of an afghan starting mood,
 that when I ran out of grey to work with I started yet another...

The Mini Hexagon pattern.
 (Thee un-named blanket .)
This is the perfect project to bring along, Since now all the other afghans have gotten too big to haul around.

Fair Winnings 2013

Here's a quick look at some of the thing I brought to the fair that received Ribbons. 
There was also 2 shawls that won ribbons, one I knitted and one Mother Wove.

Snow 2014

We also got a little bit of Snow! 
When Georgia was snowed in.. we got this 3 inches all in one day. 
It was amazing it was falling so fast, heavy and steady all day. 
Then the second day (pictured here) It melted away so quickly.. 
It was sad that it didn't stay but, I'm quite pleased we got some.

And To leave you all with some Yummy yarny goodness.
I made a large order of yarn from! to finish off the blankets I have,
 and perhaps start some more!

It makes me SO happy to see that I'll have yarn coming out of my ears for a long time to come!

Well my friends, I've stayed up much to late writing this post and need to get some sleep.
And I shall proof and post this tomorrow afternoon.

~ Till Next Time ~

Cami Lynn

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Catching up.

I've come back to show you what I've been working on.
(A LOT of random things.. and I'm probably missing some..) 
First I'll catch you up on the little things, here are a few of the random.. 

A Amazingly soft shawl that came out SO well! Ordered by a friend to be a present.
This was a new yarn line from my local yarn shop that just happened to be the perfect blend of cotton/silk loveliness.
 This picture doesn't even BEGIN to show how lovely the color was.

I got into the mood to work on some doily's, after seeing a blog post about doily making with modern colors..

And then went a little crazy with the modern colors!

I'm LOVING these socks! But sadly I've been working on them for months now.. 
I got them worked up to the heel REALLY fast (Made me wonder why I have never done color work socks before!) Then confusion set in at the heel, This is the first time I've tried two at a time socks on a circular needle. So getting rather annoyed with them they were placed into a dark box and hidden away for a few months.. Pulling them out for pictures today i think i may have figured what i was doing wrong, so they may be taken from there dark prison soon and finished! 
I'd really would love to see them finished before it's to warm to wear them.
The Winter of 2013 didn't produce a lot of socks.. And the contents of my sock drawer are proof of that, I am in desperate need. 
Perhaps Spring 2014 shall make some, We shall see.

I did a bit of Carding, and Spinning, working up the last of the Fiber toss fiber from last years retreat. and making it up into a bag! (Which I'll show pictures of once I get a lining in.) And doing this of course got me in a spinning mood. Now I really want to place an order for some fiber. 

Then I ran across a pattern for this Harlequin style, I worked up a strip, and it's so fun to make! I think this trial may one day blossom into a whole blanket.

A bit of bobbin lace was done yesterday, Only took one day to make this bookmark. 
And I decided to finally order my own pillow! 
(haste was added by needing to return this one to it's rightful owner)
It should be coming in soon, and hopefully you'll see some more bobbin lace on this blog! 
The pillow and bobbins in this picture were borrowed from the sweet lady who taught me. 
There going back to her this week. I need to spangle my bobbins now! (add the beads)

And I've discovered that taking pictures said bookmark is REALLY hard! 
But you get the idea.
 I would love to be able to make lace to add to some of my summer dresses, I really hope that I can get the hang of it.
That's the goal I'm working towards!

And, that about catches you up on the little projects I've been working on. 
Except for a sweater that's in the works.. I ran out of yarn part-way through the last sleeve... Sigh It's SO annoying that the yarn shops an hour away, and the past month we haven't been that way.

I made another sweater out of white wool, which I will dye some pretty color some day.

I shall write again tomorrow catching you up on what I've REALLY been working on.. 

The Winter Afghans.

~ Till Tomorrow! ~

Cami Lynn 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Dress!

I've been having so much fun with my new sewing machine..
It's just makes me happy! 
I've finished a dress I started a while back that was in the UFO's pile,
and cut out and made this one a few days ago.

I'm quite in love with this pattern, it's just so simple! I'm thinking of making a few more like it and perhaps add some crocheted lace.
I have a few patterns for Crocheted lace I've been wanting to try and what better to use it on then a dress?!

I so enjoyed the pleating... is it wrong to love all the part of dressmaking most seamstresses dislike?

I love the pleating, zippers,hems.. only thing I don't like are armholes.. I don't mind putting them in so much as the way they usually fit.. but this one... fit perfect and isn't snug in anyway! Yeah!!

I've finished my blue/green mullet socks (who's names such a pretty sock pattern mullet?) 

They were SO much fun to knit! Kept me on my toes (Ha! Ha!) with all the cabling.

I also dyed a bit of yarn I purchased from Knit Picks.
It takes dye SO well! 

Kool-Aid dyeing of course.. I'm still addicted it's so fun and easy!

Sadly these pictures don't show the true colors.. there much richer in real life.. 
the lighting is horrid down here right now.. but were getting rain that we REALLY needed! 

Things have been entered in the fair! hoping we do as well as we did last year!
but no matter what, it's still fun to enter them!

We had an unexpected treat last week! 
went into Florence to see the Nina & Pinta. Christopher Columbus's ship replica's.
They sail around the US on them. 
It was fun.. I was disappointed that they don't let you go below decks, apparently there fitted up like a yacht for the people sailing them.. 

But we had fun! I admit I was thinking more of Pirate's then Christopher Columbus while on them though!!

well that's all for now! Hope your all having a lovely end of September! 
It's FLOWN by for me! 
It may be because I'm slightly dreading turning 23...
I know... it's not that old but for me it's the oldest I've ever been!

Till next time! 
Keep Smiling!

Cami Lynn

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Socks & A Sewing Machine

I'm afraid most of my post for a while will have socks in them...
I've joined the Ravelry group again this year for the monthly challenges.

Here are the Mystery Socks I'm working on for September.

Really loving the craziness of them!! 
The little tubes attached to them are Needle holders, ordered from
There made of cardboard, so not the best quality. but they'll work very well for now!

Second pair of Socks for the September Challenge  

I like this one, but the knitting around the gusset seems to be a little tight.
Ah well the trials of trying different sock patterns! 
I love the cabling though! 
A bit fiddly to keep track of but worth it in the end (and these were done on size 1 needles! Yikes! )

I also received from my KnitPicks order, a couple skeins of bare yarn which I intend to dye.
I've been wanting one of these forever.. (Since i got my yarn ball winder) 
But there a very pricey item, So when i saw that they were having a sale i finally got one!
And .. I LOVE IT!!! 

It makes winding skeins of yarn SOOOO much easier!!
And my loom (In the background) just sold! I've been wanting to sell it for a while now, as I'm not really into weaving at this time and needed the room more. 
So when it gets picked up I'm hoping to replace it with a crafting table! 
as you can see I've been a wee bit crowded with it in there! 

AND (Drumroll please) selling the loom allowed me to get something I've been needing for a LONG time now...

Isn't it a Beauty?!?!? 
I have several sewing machine's but there all very old and work SO well on Denim
(which i LOVE but they don't do button holes and such!)
I'm still amazed.. you pop the button onto the maker and it makes the button hole the perfect size! 
I'm in awe... 
And it has a ruffler (which i'm sure I'll have fun with once i get back into historical sewing!)
A quilting foot, and so many more! 
It's amazing, I love it and I'll quit boring you now! 

A family friend also gave me some silk cocoons that he actually raised himself, to see if i could make them into fiber.
It took a GREAT deal of boiling to get them de-gummed. but it worked! 
Now i just have to spin the fluff! 

The fiber is SOOO fine and soft. As soft as my hands are and all the lotion i put on them before handling it. (I read somewhere that it helped) It still caught on my fingers a bit! 
That's all folk's! 

Here's a lovely picture I took while riding around in the fields. 
Summer's coming to an end, I feel Fall in the air.

As Shakespeare Said..
"Summer's lease has all to short a date."
I feel boots and scarfs and crackling bonfires coming!! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Shawl & Socks.

Goodness how this Summer has flown by. 
I'm starting a sock knit along this month, It's a mystery knit-along so i have no idea what it will look like when i'm done. (I so enjoy these!)  
So I tried to get a few of the other projects i had on my needle out of the way first.

I finished a shawl I had started for mum earlier this year, I ran out of yarn on the last 4 rows of the Shawl.  (SO annoying) 
So I calmly buried it in my UFO's box, till I was ready to deal with it again. 
 At the beginning of the month, I stumbled across a lovely little pattern "Foamy" 
(I believe this link only works if you have a Ravelry account)

And it was a dream to knit up! So fun and easy to re-design a little.

And turned out quite lovely, if i do say so myself!

And Mum's quite happy with it! 
It's made out of Misti Alpaca Pima Cotton & Silk. It's so lovely and soft.

I also made a pair of socks! 
(I admit to casting these on.. they weren't already on the needle)
There was a lovely little challenge i stumbled upon to knit Striped socks for August and i just couldn't resist. 

I did mess up a bit with them.. I cast them on at night and accidentally picked size 1 needles instead of 2's. which made them a wee bit snug fitting..
I also didn't make the foot long enough, got impatient and did the toe.
But i love them anyway! 

That's all for now hopefully back soon with another update on my Obsessions! 

Lord Byron ... 
Was most helpful with the picture taking.
He lazed about and watched with a critical eye. 

~Till next time~

Cami Lynn

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Spring, Summer Catch up.

I've been bad i know... Did I REALLY last post in February?! 
Here's a little bit of a catch up of my summer Crochet. 
First: Filled an order for a adorable hat and ripple baby afghan.
I loved the colors so much, I bought some an made a Granny baby blanket out of them.

Then there's the random bit of left overs i made a giant granny square out of.
It was a lovely way to get rid of those scraps without chucking them! 
It now graces the side table in my room. 
I started the Crochet along over at Not your average crochet  It was super fun.. but I got distracted, and decided that I wanted to make it into a pillow cover! 
 so I stopped at this length and now it's waiting in the pile for me to weave in the ends and get it on a pillow! 

AND! Finished my Random afghan with all my scraps! 
It fits my Queen sized bed quite comfortably!

I've also done a bit of Embroidery, Dyeing
 (with Kool-Aid!! If you haven't done it you-tube it, It's so easy and fun!)  
This is two of the few dresses I've made this summer.. wasn't a summer of sewing.. 
This Burnt Orange was an order for a ball.
and my Bobbin lace project (which was finished and given as a present) I haven't been able to find the time to get to it this summer... hopefully be able to do more of it in the near future.

SO! Short catch up post and I'll hopefully be back next week with more recent stuff!
I'm about to do a "Sock-down" on Ravelry.
Starting in September, hoping to be able to hang on for longer than two months this year!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Sweetheart Afghan, Ta Tah!!

Wow! almost 6 months since I last posted! So sorry! I've had a ruff winter with sickness and such, spending most of it on the couch gave me lots of time to work on my crafts though! 
One of the big things i made (and what this post will be about) was a afghan from KnitPicks Brava Sport yarn ( I highly recommend it!) I randomly picked out $50 (gulp!) worth of yarn for free shipping! 
And waited for it to come in... 

And when it did BOY was I happy! All the colors were perfect! 
And while crocheting it up i decided it looked like Valentine's Day Candy so i named it...

The Sweetheart Afghan

But here are some photo's of it in the works first...

Lot's of movie watching went into the making of this afghan.. and watching the little bit of snow we had.

Then the plotting of the Colors and lay out as i joined them all together

And here it is without it's Edging!

And now! Here's the Ta Dah!!!! 
All finished ends woven in (unless i missed a few!) and with a granny border!

The Sweetheart Afghan

Isn't it sweet?!

I'm so VERY pleased with it!
I used 20 balls of Knit Picks Brava Sport weight yarn, 2 balls of each color.

And I had quite a bit of leftovers!
Enough to make a Lucy bag...

I think these flowers were the perfect finishing touch! 

Then I made three of these little owls.

and a few of these adorable tape measure covers 
(I'm thinking of offering these on my Etsy shop.) 
And you can sneak a peek at my new Afghan in the background there.

And! I've still got left over yarn! I'm very happy and would recommend them! 
I'll be getting more.

And that's all for today! Hoping to do some catch up blogging in the next little while with the other stuff i've been working on!

Have a blessed day! 

Cami Lynn