Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Spring, Summer Catch up.

I've been bad i know... Did I REALLY last post in February?! 
Here's a little bit of a catch up of my summer Crochet. 
First: Filled an order for a adorable hat and ripple baby afghan.
I loved the colors so much, I bought some an made a Granny baby blanket out of them.

Then there's the random bit of left overs i made a giant granny square out of.
It was a lovely way to get rid of those scraps without chucking them! 
It now graces the side table in my room. 
I started the Crochet along over at Not your average crochet  It was super fun.. but I got distracted, and decided that I wanted to make it into a pillow cover! 
 so I stopped at this length and now it's waiting in the pile for me to weave in the ends and get it on a pillow! 

AND! Finished my Random afghan with all my scraps! 
It fits my Queen sized bed quite comfortably!

I've also done a bit of Embroidery, Dyeing
 (with Kool-Aid!! If you haven't done it you-tube it, It's so easy and fun!)  
This is two of the few dresses I've made this summer.. wasn't a summer of sewing.. 
This Burnt Orange was an order for a ball.
and my Bobbin lace project (which was finished and given as a present) I haven't been able to find the time to get to it this summer... hopefully be able to do more of it in the near future.

SO! Short catch up post and I'll hopefully be back next week with more recent stuff!
I'm about to do a "Sock-down" on Ravelry.
Starting in September, hoping to be able to hang on for longer than two months this year!


  1. Cami, I'm so excited you got around to posting again, it's always so fun to see finished things and what you've been working on! I love the way the dyeing with Kool-Aid looks, it's so neat!

  2. I'm am as well! I always say I'm going to keep up with posting and things always get in the way!
    But I've already started another post!
    So it'll be coming soon (Probably Sunday)
    Kool-Aid dyeing is VERY easy and fun you should try!

  3. You should include your "attic24" ripple afghan in your next post! I think I might try the dyeing some day, not sure when, but I may do it!

  4. I was actually thinking I needed to get some pictures of that blanket up soon! it's turned into my favorite of favorites!

  5. I bet it's super warm! My log cabin afghan has turned out to be a favorite of mine! I've been wanting to make another afghan though, and socks!