Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lot's of Crochet!

I'm back! and I've been busy.
Started making a baby blanket out of some yarn i got on the sale rack at Wal-Mart... 
Silly me of course forgot to check the pattern to see if i had enough yarn to FINISH the blanket.
Of course I didn't. 

Baby blanket
So i searched hi and low and still can't find anymore yarn like this, So i think it may have to come un-done and refashioned into a baby blanket that uses less yarn.
pattern is the Granny Stripe from Lucy at Attic24.
I'm also participating in a swap on Ravelry!
Here are the blocks i received.

And the other one.

Aren't they Pretty?!
And here are the ones i sent.
I took pictures of them before i shipped them out.. but SOMEHOW i lost the pictures so i used these that the lovely KimberlyStew on Ravelry took when they got to her.. she's a Photographer and she has some lovely work! Check her out on Facebook

This pattern is Squaring the big circle.
I ran across it on Ravelry.
Photo courtesy of KimberlyStew 

and another On the Huh square.
Photo Courtesy of KimberlyStew
I'm also in another swap, waiting on my package to arrive in the mail!!
and i also stumbled across some yummy yarns on Etsy that i bought!
Here's one.

It's a cotton that i got from this shop.
Fast shipping!

It came in a hank and this is it all wound up on my ball winder.

Then i finally used up the yarn from the fiber toss at the spinners retreat from this past February.
isn't it pretty?!

I handspun the fiber and plyed it with some other single ply, to make it go further.
As the fiber was from the toss it has all kind of different fibers mixed in.
Bamboo, Alpaca.. 

Then i got side-tracked by pinterest and all the lovely DIY's!
So i started making some!!

Here's the link to make these.. 
They didn't come out quite like i wanted. Your supposed to hang them up like a mobile.

Then i found a neat idea for a rug.. then made up my OWN way!!

This is there tutorial.
I just used lion brand homespun yarn (because i had a lot) and i finger wove it! then i used my finger to crochet it into a LONG chain then i "Sewed" it together with yarn!
going to add some more rounds hopefully tonight, it's going together really fast.
I think i'll be adding more colors seeing as how I've run out of the blue yarn.

Finally!!! I made some!! Polymer clay handles for my crochet hooks!
It was SO much fun and SO easy to do! 
Just you tube it. there are some awesome video's and clay is so fun to work with.
If you notice the one on the far left has MUCH better polka dots.
trial and error!

Then we have a ball coming up the end of September, and i would like to have a new gown to wear! So i dug out some fabric i had been hording.

Beautiful isn't it?! I got this for my birthday a few years ago at Hobby Lobby.
And i never could bring myself to cut into it.
so i'm making a hoop skirt out of it.
planning on making a brown waist cincher to go with it, out of this pattern.

Please forgive the side ways picture... I can't figure out how to make it straight..
It's driving me CRAZY!!

So! That's what I've finished and what i'm working on! 
I've got a few more projects i'm working on right now and i'll post pictures of those soon!
Hope you all have a happy rest of August!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Butterick 4513 1950's Style Dress.

Just finished a 1940's style dress order. It makes a wonderful Summer dress. And here it is!! All finished!

1950's Blue 

And here's a close up of the top with the little ties.

Aren't they cute?!

And elastic in the back.

Easy breezy dress to wear! Now it's off to search my stash of yarn for just the right one for a granny square swap I'm in!
Two post's in one day.. I'm really on the ball!

Random Afghan Progress

Here's some pictures of my Random Afghan.
Forgive these pictures, it's raining down here so the lighting not so good.. 

Here's the link to the pattern

I would like to make an afghan out of just this of different sizes one day.
(Out of a natural yarn and not acrylic's!)

Granny Square

This one is just a Granny Square. I just changed the color every row, alternating between variegated and solid yarns.

This is the same pattern as the top.

Just different colors! 

squaring the big circle pattern.

I really like this Circle in a square! I made quit a few of these...

Plum Blossoms Square. 

And this is my FAVORITE!!! Isn't it neat?! I love these way the it's so ... So.. i don't know .. Awesome?!
It's the "Plum Blossoms" Square from the book Favorite Motif Afghans.

"On the Huh Square"

You can get the pattern for this amazing square set on edge

Link for Flower squares

And my Granny with Flowers!  There so FUN to make!

As you can see the flower's "Puff" up! 

One of the parts I'm starting to piece together.. I didn't  like the way the greens was making it pull.. So I pulled it out and re-did it and it's lying much smoother now!

Close up of my favorite Circle! And my polka dot scissors and wood handled hook!
The colors off in this picture, these scissors are my favorite, there bright green, and make me happy!

Well that's all for now.. Hopefully a post coming soon on a dress that was Ordered!
Have a Good Monday!