Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Catching up.

I've come back to show you what I've been working on.
(A LOT of random things.. and I'm probably missing some..) 
First I'll catch you up on the little things, here are a few of the random.. 

A Amazingly soft shawl that came out SO well! Ordered by a friend to be a present.
This was a new yarn line from my local yarn shop that just happened to be the perfect blend of cotton/silk loveliness.
 This picture doesn't even BEGIN to show how lovely the color was.

I got into the mood to work on some doily's, after seeing a blog post about doily making with modern colors..

And then went a little crazy with the modern colors!

I'm LOVING these socks! But sadly I've been working on them for months now.. 
I got them worked up to the heel REALLY fast (Made me wonder why I have never done color work socks before!) Then confusion set in at the heel, This is the first time I've tried two at a time socks on a circular needle. So getting rather annoyed with them they were placed into a dark box and hidden away for a few months.. Pulling them out for pictures today i think i may have figured what i was doing wrong, so they may be taken from there dark prison soon and finished! 
I'd really would love to see them finished before it's to warm to wear them.
The Winter of 2013 didn't produce a lot of socks.. And the contents of my sock drawer are proof of that, I am in desperate need. 
Perhaps Spring 2014 shall make some, We shall see.

I did a bit of Carding, and Spinning, working up the last of the Fiber toss fiber from last years retreat. and making it up into a bag! (Which I'll show pictures of once I get a lining in.) And doing this of course got me in a spinning mood. Now I really want to place an order for some fiber. 

Then I ran across a pattern for this Harlequin style, I worked up a strip, and it's so fun to make! I think this trial may one day blossom into a whole blanket.

A bit of bobbin lace was done yesterday, Only took one day to make this bookmark. 
And I decided to finally order my own pillow! 
(haste was added by needing to return this one to it's rightful owner)
It should be coming in soon, and hopefully you'll see some more bobbin lace on this blog! 
The pillow and bobbins in this picture were borrowed from the sweet lady who taught me. 
There going back to her this week. I need to spangle my bobbins now! (add the beads)

And I've discovered that taking pictures said bookmark is REALLY hard! 
But you get the idea.
 I would love to be able to make lace to add to some of my summer dresses, I really hope that I can get the hang of it.
That's the goal I'm working towards!

And, that about catches you up on the little projects I've been working on. 
Except for a sweater that's in the works.. I ran out of yarn part-way through the last sleeve... Sigh It's SO annoying that the yarn shops an hour away, and the past month we haven't been that way.

I made another sweater out of white wool, which I will dye some pretty color some day.

I shall write again tomorrow catching you up on what I've REALLY been working on.. 

The Winter Afghans.

~ Till Tomorrow! ~

Cami Lynn 

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