Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Dress!

I've been having so much fun with my new sewing machine..
It's just makes me happy! 
I've finished a dress I started a while back that was in the UFO's pile,
and cut out and made this one a few days ago.

I'm quite in love with this pattern, it's just so simple! I'm thinking of making a few more like it and perhaps add some crocheted lace.
I have a few patterns for Crocheted lace I've been wanting to try and what better to use it on then a dress?!

I so enjoyed the pleating... is it wrong to love all the part of dressmaking most seamstresses dislike?

I love the pleating, zippers,hems.. only thing I don't like are armholes.. I don't mind putting them in so much as the way they usually fit.. but this one... fit perfect and isn't snug in anyway! Yeah!!

I've finished my blue/green mullet socks (who's names such a pretty sock pattern mullet?) 

They were SO much fun to knit! Kept me on my toes (Ha! Ha!) with all the cabling.

I also dyed a bit of yarn I purchased from Knit Picks.
It takes dye SO well! 

Kool-Aid dyeing of course.. I'm still addicted it's so fun and easy!

Sadly these pictures don't show the true colors.. there much richer in real life.. 
the lighting is horrid down here right now.. but were getting rain that we REALLY needed! 

Things have been entered in the fair! hoping we do as well as we did last year!
but no matter what, it's still fun to enter them!

We had an unexpected treat last week! 
went into Florence to see the Nina & Pinta. Christopher Columbus's ship replica's.
They sail around the US on them. 
It was fun.. I was disappointed that they don't let you go below decks, apparently there fitted up like a yacht for the people sailing them.. 

But we had fun! I admit I was thinking more of Pirate's then Christopher Columbus while on them though!!

well that's all for now! Hope your all having a lovely end of September! 
It's FLOWN by for me! 
It may be because I'm slightly dreading turning 23...
I know... it's not that old but for me it's the oldest I've ever been!

Till next time! 
Keep Smiling!

Cami Lynn

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