Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blue Skirt & Knitted Sweater

So this is the sweater I just finished knitting, made with some AMAZING yarn my friend
         got for me at a Fiber Festival which I AM going to attend this year :)
               It's 65% Wool 35% Silk. It's so light I really love it for fall!
     I haven't put any buttons on it yet, I really want to find some neat one. :)

It look much better on a person but .. I had no one to take a picture for me. 

So, yesterday i decided my pile of things to "Re-do or Mend" had gotten quite big enough     

Back view of the sweater with one of the skirts I fixed.

  I got quite a bit done and fixed some skirts that I've been meaning to for a LONG time :)

Here's the skirt before.. quite puffy and uncomfortable at the waist.

Here it is after! Much better!

And here they are together! 


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  1. That turned out INCREDIBLE Cami!!! Can't wait to see it in person!!