Thursday, September 15, 2011

Knitting A Sweater

I have 3 skeins of Fishman's wool from Hobby Lobby that are begging to be made into something..
And this cloudy chilly day has gotten me in the mood to knit.
So i spent most of the morning on (I Highly recommend this site it has TONS of free patterns and you can save the ones you like in your "notebook")  Looking for the perfect pattern, and have narrowed it down to 5... :)

                                    I really like this one! But i think it's more my style than moms..

                                  I like how long this one is, and i like stockinette stitch with a border.

I like this one, but it has a bit to much lace work at the bottom, Not what i'm looking for right now.

So i'm leaning towards this one... I'll lengthen the sleeves if i make it...
So! This is what i'll be working on for the next couple days / weeks / months..  

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  1. HA! Cami! WEEKS OR MONTHS??!!! RIIGHT. You were on the right track when you said days. :-P