Monday, May 14, 2012

Finished Hexagon Blanket

Here's my Hexagon Blanket!
I finished it in about 9 days,
 (I had a few days i couldn't work on it because i ran out of yarn)
 Just in time for Mother's Day!
These pictures aren't the best... it's rainy and overcast so bear with me i'll try to get some better ones up later.

It was a very fun and easy project for me.
I love this pattern and will be doing another one for myself i think, perhaps in cotton?

I've also been working on a Shrug for wearing over my summer dresses,
Picture's coming soon!
Happy Monday everyone!

Oh and here's a link to the pattern for this Afghan.


  1. The afghan looks beautiful Cami! You're making me want to make hexagons though! :)

  2. Thanks! There really easy to make, you should try them! :)