Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pictures and Pincushions

I opened my blog a few day's ago to find all of my pictures gone!!! 
being an very un-savvy in the world of blogging it's taken me a little while to get them all back up.
but after about 2 hours of working at it i'm done!
I stumbled across the most beautiful pincushion pattern on another blog.
(This isn't mine. some awesome person made this!)
Isn't this adorable??

I had to register for an account with better homes and gardens to get the pattern, 
 but it's only an email address and your name.
and it printed out on only one sheet of paper!
So i printed it out and i got to cut it out late this afternoon.
I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow!
I also found a pattern for some REALLY cute bloomers!

Aren't these adorable?
So I decided to whip up some of these.. which came out really cute!
I used a cream colored satin and baby blue ribbons and there cute and comfortable.
I'll be making some more of these! I may perhaps lengthen the next pair, so i could wear them under a skirt for dancing.
Here's the link for the pattern pdf... it was 16 sheets of paper to print but really easy to tape together and to make.
I'm working on two quilts that i hope to post pictures of soon!... well see how fast i can get them done.. or if i get side-tracked by another project!

I made this bag from the "fatter version of the ""Fat Bag"" pattern on Ravelry
Yarn from the spinner's retreat this past January.

Broadcloth Lining.

And! I made this amazing little bag in about half an hour! zipper and all! 
You can make it bigger if you want, I just was in desperate need of a new bag to put my knitting and crocheting stuff in.. scissors, stitch markers, yarn needles, tape measure...

and one of the blocks from my random blocks afghan that i started working on.
Pattern found on Ravelry.

"on the huh crochet square" 

 I'm using random acrylic yarns that i have in my yarn stash and an old Afghan a friend made that was too skinny to use.. (I got permission from her to unravel it )
it'll be a while before it's done i'm sure, but it's a good project to work on in-between my other bigger projects.
Happy Saturday! I'm off to sleep!

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