Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hexagon's and Finished Projects

Hello! I promise I didn't stop crafting or drop off the face of the earth! 
I've just had to get some photo's together and get in a blogging mood... the 100+ degree weather we've been having just made me want to sit in the AC and do as little as possible.
I quilted!
Yes I finally got in a good quilting mood! So I'll stop talking so much and show you pictures!!

First Project: 
The quilt I've been working on and off on for the past 3 years? I was "Lap quilting" it my way.. 

which involved quilting each square, Then trying to figure out how to put them all together 2 weeks ago.. and asking myself why didn't I ever read up on lap quilting??

Random Lap Quilt
It actually came together with thee exception of one mistake.. That you can't really see so I'm quite pleased with my missmashed efforts!
So there it is! In all it's Finished Glory! I got all of the blocks from this book.
Then, Now in a quilting mood I rummaged around in my "To quilt" Pile and found another almost finished quilt, so Promptly finished quilting it up on the machine.

Raggedy Flower Quilt

Isn't it a neat style? It's not a neat quilt (Or anywhere NEAR the neatest) but it's soft and fuzzy and will be SO warm this winter to cuddle up in!

Then while going through my box of quilt tops (I'll have to do a post on that box one day) I ran across this little bag with English paper piecing hexagons inside.. that said "Warning Very Addictive" 
So of course i had to try it! 

And it was SO addictive!
And so Good and Truly in a quilting mood now I went to a blog that I had run across a few weeks before and found her Bigger Hexagon pattern!

Here are a couple of blogs that I found helpful and inspiring while researching hexagons.
Happy Hexagons on Bunny Mummy's blog.
Basic Tutorial on Selfsewn's Blog
Another Tutorial at Kandipandi's Pad, and the place I found the pattern generator.

I made mine 3 inch and changed it a bit since I wanted to save paper and get as many as I could onto one sheet. 
So I got right to work... pulled out our boxes of fabric and dug through and found some pretty pieces and started cutting! It's really going very quickly, this will be the first quilt I've pieced by hand!

I'm going to join them with white Hexagon's. I've actually already started. I need to get some more pictures taken.

I took pointers from all the blogs..

#1. I used a little glue to keep my fabric and my Hexagon pattern together till I tacked the fabric down.
#2. I did NOT go through the paper but just through the fabric when tacking it down.

#3. I ironed the fabric over the hexagon pattern before tacking it down and also tried not ironing it, I think both ways work.

Here are some better pictures of the little bags I've made in the past few weeks,
 and a crocheted bowl!

And this bag is SO fun to make. you can make it any size you want!
I stumbled across the Zipper Bag on this Blog (Which I LOVE!!) 

The inside looks just as good as the outside, you could almost make this reversible!!
The link to the Tutorial.

This bag was just made from a scrap of material I found, no tutorial.

But I've found it quite useful!

I just have some little snaps sewn on the inside rim. I use it for thread, scissors and anything I just need to keep corralled. 

And here's the link to the blog that has the Tutorial for a Crochet Bowl.
 (look on the side bar for the tutorial I can't make a direct link for some reason)

I had a lot of fun making this, It's out of Peaches and Cream Cotton. I found that the bowl wasn't quite as sturdy as I wanted it to be so I wove some ribbon through it.

And FINALLY here a picture of a bag I made this past winter out of wool. 

The pattern is the "Annie Bag" on , and I used 100% wool that I got at the spinners retreat this past February.

Now! that was an incredibly long post, to get me all caught back up! 
I shall try to keep them shorter and more often. 
I hope to finish the Hexagon quilt and perhaps enter it into the County Fair this coming September!
Hope you all had a Happy 4th of July!


  1. Cami, your quilts and other projects look wonderful! 100+ degree weather seems like the perfect time to get stuff like that done! But my cotton-fields, we are not use to 100+ degree weather up here in CT. I suppose we'll have some adjusting to do, it'll be worth the adjustment though! God's way is always perfect! It's been excting to see the way He's been working these past few years! =D

  2. Well we don't usually have it as hot as it was for that long down here! It all rainy, cool and Tennessee like now! we only had the 100+ for a week :)

  3. Hi Cami, Thanks so much for popping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. You've been very busy, what beautiful things you've made. You're quilts are fabulous and the lap quilted one is fabulous, what work you've put in to it!

    I also love you little pouch bags and that twisty crochet square from the post below.

    Sandra x

  4. Thank you! I love working on things and trying to get better to match the skills of all you lovely inspiring bloggers :D