Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ruffled petticoat

So! The machine I borrowed from a dear friend does ruffles!!!
I'm so in love... I love my machine ( its an old iron "wizard") but straight stitch gets old :)
So I had a sudden urge to make my dream ruffled petticoat while I had a Ruffler.
So after 28 yards of ruffling.... I now have to hem it all. But it's all sewn onto the skirt and looks beautiful! I'll post pictures after the ball!
Anyway I'm almost done! I made the skirt and pinned on all the trim today now I just have to sew that on and then figure out how I want to trim the bodice.
Then on to Mom and H's dress! And possibly 2 corsets if I can get them done before the ball :) a friend needs one hers ripped and she had fitted her ball gown over the corset.. And H would love to have one too I know :) so we shall see what I can do! The countdown begins till the ball on the 9th! And here's a sneed peak at the petticoat :)

Sorry it's a bit grainy.

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  1. I love all of your projects, Cami! I just started a blog today so go check it out. the address is greatisfaithfulness.blogspot.com. I miss you and your family!