Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Socks and Rainbow's

Here are my finished September socks!
A little late in posting i know!! But better late then never..

Starting work on the October Sock challenge, but don't know if i'll get as many done.. lot's going on in October! 
So far i only have one sock made. Here a picture i took a few days ago in progress..

Of course i'm doing lots of other things! Including making this pair of socks for my brother's birthday! 

And making these simple socks, I think I'll put them up in my Etsy shop! Which i will be opening very soon! (It's open i just haven't very much in it at the moment working on adding things!)
I call these my "Harvest" Socks

I've also made quite a few blocks for all the swaps i'm in at the moment. 
Sent these off for the Rainbow Swap, even included a little bag i whipped up, it's to wear on your wrist, it holds a center pull ball of yarn.

Been Helping my mother get things together for her soaping business and getting ready to start helping her, making the lip balms and such.

Also made a sampler to help a friend with a pattern she's making.
it was really fun and quick, isn't it pretty!?

There's a catch up of what i'm doing right now! 
I have a post coming up with all the lovely things i got for my Birthday at the end of September.. Waiting on some photo's then it'll be up!

Keep Smiling!
~ Cami ~ 

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  1. Your socks look wonderful Cami! =D Looking forward to our next crafting day =D